I’m drawn to simple storytelling.   As a director of new work I strive to get the playwright to fully realize their vision for a play. I help them by cracking open the play and illuminating their work to the fullest.  I think it’s a delicate collaboration between a director and playwright that needs a lot of communication, empathy, cheerleading, spark and humor. Juxaposted with my attention to the essence of a piece or inner workings of a play --is an outward visible style. Ultimately I direct with precision, elegance and detail that brings out what is devastating or hilarious.  I love creating beautifully crafted small moments that add up to something deeper and meaningful.  When working on classics I use the same tools to bring clarity. I'm often drawn to the most difficult and challenging languages pieces.  I enjoy illuminating the story while simultaneously drawing the audience in the most familiar way I know how--through the guts, heart and humor of a piece.